Another set of “8”

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The June 9 memo from Councilfolk Reynolds and Crampsie Smith to Chief DiLuzio concerning Use of Force Directives and a Community Engagement Initiative had as its appendix this list of “8 Can’t Wait” recommendations for police policies, indicating their support for them.

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In the Morning Call article in the previous post, the Chief is quoted as saying current police policy already includes those 8 recommendations.

Among the activists who appeared in person at the Tuesday City Council meeting, Gadfly heard references to an “8” organization, assuming it was always the “8 Can’t Wait.”

But it wasn’t.

“8 to Abolition.”

Further to the left of “8 Can’t Wait.”

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Such is the way of revolutions . . .

One wave begets another wave.

Not sure how the co-sponsors of the Community Engagement Initiative feel about these 8!

Gadfly just letting you know what’s out there.

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  1. I don’t think it’s helpful to characterize this as a left-right issue. I think what happened is simply that 8Can’tWait (which was about 8 reforms) has evolved — grown up, if you will,.

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