Imagining tomorrow’s City Council meeting

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Gadfly’s pretty excited about tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

And not about the resolution to upgrade the park bathrooms either.

About the Reynolds/Crampsie Smith Community Engagement Initiative resolution.

We’ve been talking about it for days here on The Gadfly.

Gadfly doesn’t know anything about anything but likes to think about the possibilities.

Have some fun. Think along with him.

Has this resolution already been talked through with Council (Sunshine permitting)? Could there be opposition on Council? Will there be discussion? Will there be SPEECHES? Will there be amendations? Or will this sail through clean as a whistle?

Whattaya think?

Could somebody want Council to initiate the CEI? Could somebody want a definite role for Council in the planning for the proposed CEI or in its membership? Could somebody want stronger roles for the CEI than suggested in the resolution, stronger than “assisting” and “discussing”? Could somebody want to include a time frame for the Mayor to indicate his willingness and then to return with a plan?

Will the Mayor talk tomorrow night? Might he have an alternative plan? Is there a possibility the Mayor will say no? One likes to think that the Reynolds/Crampsie Smith team has already discussed this with the Mayor and has his agreement, no? How does the CEI relate to the commitment with the NAACP to do somewhat of a similar thing, the commitment the Mayor spoke of last meeting and which Gadfly thought we were to hear more about already by this time?

And now how does this resolution relate to the talked about Public Safety Committee meeting? Are we still going to have that? There is still the discussion of the use-of-force directives to handle. And, frankly, Gadfly was hoping for the Public Safety Committee meeting first, so that the CEI could have some open discussion. Gadfly has some reservations about the current plan — how do you see it? — but the time for that conversation seems over.

Gadfly loves to exaggerate, so you won’t be surprised if he says he feels this is a big thing and you should be quite attentive to tomorrow’s meeting.

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