The mob at Molly’s

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The Morning Call article in the last post mentions an incident (a Facebook commenter called it a “shit show”) at Molly’s last Friday. If anyone can direct Gadfly to the photo of the scene that “blew up on social media,” ‘twould be much appreciated. Here’s a response from the owner.

From Molly’s Sports Bar Facebook:

Hello. My name is Chaz Patrick and I am the owner of Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub. I’m writing this post after long thought and time to settle. I want to start off first by say we apologize for the events on Friday night.

As a restaurant owner during these very very trying times this has tried on myself, my staff, my loyal customers and surrounding neighbors. With everyone going green on Friday and having had outside seating for the last few weeks it has been a positive sign after a terrible situation. Our focus on Friday was inside seating with proper distance and cleanliness standards, which we follow on a daily basis during the pandemic or not.

Yes, outside was very crowded. We have a small patio area which my landlord allowed us to use so that we could have income. We also have the part of New Street that was shut down for us and neighboring restaurants for people to hangout out in and socialize with friends and family. Friday was a beautiful night. People wanted to get out and see friends and have a drink.

I had my wonderful staff, bartenders, kitchen, servers and security at the ready. Our focus was inside which we executed with no problems. The outside was a different story. We asked people to wear masks and please do the best you can to distance. That clearly was not working and people continued to come to the corner.

The Bethlehem Police were on site all night.

We have been in constant contact with the Police and City officials about the outside and we have been addressing the situation on an ongoing basis. We are working on getting a parklet like others around the City but the city gave us New Street for our purposes.

I just on Thursday spoke with a City Councilman about the parklet asap due to the concerns for us with the immediate outside area of our business. Clearly a conversation that should have happened earlier but it did happen.

Our answer to Friday night and not let it happen again was our closing the business early last night so we did not have a repeat, which we know would have happened. We are going to continue to address this and fix it.

But so all of you know, we do everything in our power to keep my most awesome staff, great friendly and loyal customers and our surrounding neighbors safe during these times. We have hand washing stations outside. Hand sanitizer inside and out and all over. We have masks for free to distribute if you do not have one.

So in reply to all of the people out there saying we did not follow the rules, I will gracefully disagree with every single one of you. People are getting sick. People are dying. I personally have lost friends and customers thru this but life must go on. We are doing the best we can and will continue to do so. What happened Friday night we will do our best to not let it happen again and we are working on the fix now.

These are difficult and trying times for everyone. We ask for your forgiveness and understanding but people need to be responsible for their own actions also. If your out in a public setting do your best to distance and wear a mask. Molly’s has built a great following over the years because I care about my staff and take very good care of them.

I care about my very loyal customers and they know that and tell their friends about us and bring them in. We have built a great relationships with Lehigh University as well as DeSales and Moravian students. There are a lot of them in town and they wanted to come and hang out at Molly’s.

They were outside because our inside was at the limit of 50%. If you could redo the night we would have shut it down sooner then we did and again we do apologize for that. I wish you all the best and here’s to ending this pandemic as soon as possible.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday. ✌️

Gadfly invites you to browse the 170 or some comments (as of this morning) on Chaz’s post.

One thought on “The mob at Molly’s

  1. Gadfly,I see positives from this response to what became an out of control situation. First, Chaz Patrick took responsibility for what appears to be an unanticipated circumstance. Second, he’s working on solutions.There’s a learning curve on all of this. Patrons need to act responsibly. If police were present, I think it would have been a good idea for them to step in and disperse this crowd, but I say that without having been present. It may have not gone well if they had.I don’t know Chaz well, although I’ve eaten at his establishment. I just don’t ‘hang out’ at bars/restaurants per se. My impression is that he’s a good business owner in Bethlehem who is very conscientious about contributing to the community and we all have to trust that processes he puts into place will rectify this situation.I will definitely make a point of stopping by Molly’s for lunch very soon!Dana

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