Good conduct is good business

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I see positives from this response [see “The Mob at Molly’s”] to what became an out of control situation.

First, Chaz Patrick took responsibility for what appears to be an unanticipated circumstance.

Second, he’s working on solutions.There’s a learning curve on all of this. Patrons need to act responsibly. If police were present, I think it would have been a good idea for them to step in and disperse this crowd, but I say that without having been present. It may have not gone well if they had.

I don’t know Chaz well, although I’ve eaten at his establishment. I just don’t “hang out” at bars/restaurants per se. My impression is that he’s a good business owner in Bethlehem who is very conscientious about contributing to the community, and we all have to trust that processes he puts into place will rectify this situation.

I will definitely make a point of stopping by Molly’s for lunch very soon!

Dana Grubb

One thought on “Good conduct is good business

  1. I would not exactly agree that the owner took responsibility. He said that he disagreed with anyone who said that he did not follow all the rules. I was not there, either, but it seems as though rules were not followed outside. There should have been no service to those not following protocols. With no or very few masks or social distancing, and no seeming way of controlling the situation, the area should have been closed much, much sooner. And it could have been done politely. Just explain that the health of your employees and that of your loyal customers is more important than the income derived from this unsafe behavior.

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