Your refresher course in the ABCs (1)

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Ok, time for your annual refresher course in City Civics, my good followers.

Subject: the ABCs of city government.

ABCs — our acronym for the City “Authorities, Boards, and Commissions.”

You know how the City is run, right?

We have a “Strong Mayor/Council” form of city government.

The Mayor runs the nuts and bolts of the city.

Council members are part-time, and their role is 3-fold:

  • pass legislation
  • pass the budget
  • appoint members to the ABCs

So its the ABCs that you probably don’t know about unless you are a veteran city watcher, as many Gadfly followers are.

We have about two dozen “Authorities, Boards, and Commissions.” Take a look.

The ABCs are staffed by around 125 volunteers from the city.

All of the ABCs do important business, contribute to the quality of our lives, and some wield extraordinary power.

Who serves on the ABCs, therefore, is critically important in all cases, but especially on those that wield extraordinary power.

The Mayor nominates residents to serve on the ABCs, Council approves.

The main point to know is that much of city business depends on the freely given good will of citizens over time and a steady stream of such citizens.

Serving on the ABCs is an important way that “we” participate in and help shape our city government.

It goes without saying that we need to have the best possible people serving on the ABCs.

There was an important discussion about the process of filling slots on the ABCs at City Council on June 16.

You will want to see the next post in this series.

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