Is the trust between police and community broken in Bethlehem?

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Gadfly listens to Governor Cuomo a lot.

In announcing a program for New York that might be a model or partial model for our Community Engagement Initiative, Cuomo says, “There is no trust between the community and the police.”

Is that true in Bethlehem? Or in parts of Bethlehem?

In a CNN interview Monday Cuomo said, “There’s been an international swell of outrage. . . . It’s not ‘Are the police right? Are the police wrong?’ Once the community stands up and says, ‘We don’t trust the police. We don’t respect this type of policing,’ the game is over because it’s a relationship. And the relationship is now breached, and it only takes one side of the relationship to say this relationship doesn’t work for me.”

In that same interview, Cuomo says, to make fundamental change “requires a united, consistent voice of outrage.”

Is there a sense of outrage in Bethlehem about local policing? Is it game over in Bethlehem?

So, where exactly are we in our thinking about the relationship between police and our community, or certain communities within our community?

The first question on which Gadfly would like to focus is “Is the trust between community and police broken in Bethlehem?”

What’s yours?

Gadfly forgot when he gave you homework last time that he has already written on this subject: “How would you characterize the relationship between the police and the community?”

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  1. I still think the real question is still I posted as a comment on your ‘Now is the time for listening’ post: Why do we want to have a meeting instead of getting out and working with people one on one?” Or is real community engagement too much work?

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