Bethlehem City Council meeting tomorrow night Tuesday, June 16

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Our next City Council meeting — the “face” of Bethlehem City government — occurs tomorrow night Tuesday, June 16, at 7PM.

The meeting is closed to the public, of course, because of the coronavirus.

The meeting can be viewed LIVE or later at your convenience on the City’s website after the meeting at

The YouTube channel for live or archive viewing is “City of Bethlehem Council.”

Note well: though the meeting is “virtual,” we still enjoy public comment. See the link above for instructions. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity offered.

Find the Council agenda and supporting documents here.

Of especial interest, no doubt, will be discussion of the Reynolds/Crampsie Smith memo to Chief DiLuzio that we have been discussing here for the last week.

And Gadfly assumes we’ll have another update on the coronavirus situation.

And there’s always the unexpected.

As long as he has flutter in his wings, Gadfly urges “attending” City Council.

Participate. Be informed.

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