Impact of the Atlanta shooting on us?

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The Friday night shooting of an African American man by a white police officer in Atlanta.

You’ve been following it on the news, I’m sure.

Horrible in its own right.

But Gadfly would have you think about the timing for what’s going on in our town.

The City is to respond tomorrow to the memo from Councilmembers Reynolds and Crampsie Smith.

Gadfly bets a draft of that response existed before this shooting.

And wonders what impact the shooting will have on the final response.

And whether it has affected your thinking about how the City should be proceeding.

Gadfly has reviewed some of the available videos online and chosen these two. If followers have suggestions for other, better ones, please let him know.

Follower Deni Thurman-Eyer suggests we read this story.

One thought on “Impact of the Atlanta shooting on us?

  1. It makes me sad & angry to note that there are so many videos documenting incidents where police may have triggered a violent response or escalated more than necessary — and we see only those that were captured by a bystander or where the police release dash-cam or body-cam footage.

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