Cuomo mandates community/police engagement

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“We are proposing creating a citywide Community Engagement Initiative within our police department. It would include a broad coalition consisting of residents, police officers, representatives from our schools, social justice organizations, and more.”

J. William Reynolds, Member of Council
Grace Crampsie Smith, Member of Council


Compare the Reynolds/Crampsie Smith voluntary (as of now, anyway) community engagement proposal without penalty (as of now, anyway) with Governor Cuomo’s mandatory community engagement proposal with penalty.

“There is no trust between the community and the police.”


Does the Cuomo statement apply to Bethlehem?

Despite some positive community programs in which police engage, Reynolds/Crampsie Smith state that “many residents feel that the level of trust is still lacking.”

Do you agree?

Do we need a community engagement initiative?

We need to hear what’s on your mind.

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