Councilwoman Negron: “There’s a lot of wrong-doing, a lot of wrong going on right here”

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On behalf of the department, Chief DiLuzio read a statement on “George Floyd’s Death & Policing in America” at the Council meeting Wednesday night. You can find the text here and the audio below. (The Mayor’s May 31 statement was not read into the record but can be found here.)

The Chief’s statement was the occasion for response to the local and national events of the last ten days or so by each member of Council.

Followers know that a main purpose of this blog is to help you know your Council members better. These Council responses are a good way to do exactly that, so Gadfly is taking some time to present each one individually for better focus.

Listen to the voices of our elected officials.

We began with President Waldron and have proceeded in the order in which the comments were presented at the meeting. finishing up here with Councilwoman Negron.

Councilwoman Negron

“I appreciate some of the comments that some of you have made. I also remind you that the change that we need, it is not about a resolution or a magic pill. It’s simpler than that. We have been taught, we have been cautioned, we have been advised that there is injustice going on in our courts, in our district courts who are brown and black people in our community. And everybody turned the side to look another way. O that’s not happening. That is not in here. We are very blessed, very lucky that we have a great community, a beautiful community that I love, that I chose to raise my daughters in, and I don’t regret it. But there’s a lot of wrong-doing, a lot of wrong going on right here. We have been advised . . . each one of us has been advised of wrong-doing in terms of injustice to the brown and black people, your constituents. Your brown and black constituents are being right now, every day treated in an unjust way. You’ve been told, you’ve been cautioned, you’ve been warned. You did nothing about it. So, yeah, I am glad that nobody in our Bethlehem Police Department has killed any of our brown and black people here today. Right? But the injustice exists. And there’s no way for anybody to say otherwise unless you lived it or heard the stories directly from the individuals that are crying ______, even myself. I am, as all of you know, very proud to be a Puerto Rican woman, and I carry my flag, and I even have a face mask now my sister gave me with the Puerto Rican flag, I’m afraid to wear it to some places. There are a lot of places that I would not wear my flag. There are a lot of places where even without my flag, I’m not crazy to go. I feel intimidated, afraid, and I’m not the only one. All of your constituents, all of your constituents, 76,000 people who live in the City of Bethlehem, all of the brown and black individuals, are feeling something very similar. So we don’t need a resolution, we don’t need a magic pill, we just need to listen to what we’ve been told that is happening, and we need to do something about it. It is unfairness. It’s like Councilwoman Smith said, with liberty and justice for all. Really? Justice for all. Justice for all as long as you have light skin, gold hair, and blue eyes. Because if you don’t, there’s no such a thing in here as justice for all.”

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