“We have hope . . . Never lose HOPE!”

Olga Negron is a Bethlehem City Councilwoman.


In Spring 2018 I was trying to convince Nick [Englesson] that we should plant a banana tree outside in our yard (at that point we had two banana trees planted in a pot inside the house), and he said, “Why are we going to plant the tree outside? It will die in the winter.” I said, “true but we will get to enjoy watching it grow, it will be a beautiful sightOlga 6 while it last!” I convinced him, and we actually planted a couple of banana trees and other tropical plants around it. We all really enjoyed it all summer of 2018. Everything did die during winter, but in spring 2019, to our surprise, one of the bananas grew back! That’s what trigger us buying more banana trees and planting more of them in 2019 (six trees total were growing outside). We figured even if they die in the winter, we will plant new ones every year. Just like we plant tomatoes, peppers, etc., we will plant banana trees every year. We did some research and learned about Ohio Hardy banana trees that can resist up to 32 degrees, and, yes, we bought a few and planted them in 2019 and watched them die last winter, but we were hopeful. This year we planned to buy a few more banana trees to plant outside since the ones from last year all died, but spring had a bigger surprise for us, and as of right now we have twenty Banana trees growing back! I’m so excited about this that I wanted to share it with you! Look at the pictures, can you count them? Some banana trees are still very tiny but we have hope!

Never lose HOPE!


Pandemic, senseless killing, rioting, looting — and even earthquakes in Puerto Rico.
Never lose hope.

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