Back to work at the Mill — is it safe?

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Been a rough six months for Gadfly son #4 — Mack Truck worker.

First there was the strike, to which Gadfly called your attention and which triggered an anecdote about Gadfly’s union roots (see “The Mack strike hits ‘home'”).

And then the damn virus, which thrives in congregated factory settings as we have seen in the meat-packing industries. Gallagher Morning Call

Well, Gadfly-clone (we were featured look-alikes in a Father’s Day Morning Call spread a few years ago) goes back to work today.

Will he be safe?

Frankly, one of Gadfly’s prominent memories of his work at Kaiser-Jeep in South Bend in the 60s is a lot of spitting.

He thinks the culture has progressed since then.

(Another prominent memory is a lot of laughter — He worked with a collection of the most naturally funny men ever! The humor that comes from factory work — nothing like it!)

But will he be safe?

One hopes so.

Gadfly thought you might want to look at Mack’s Message to Employees:Mack Message to Employees

and the Mack prescriptions for safety:

Mack 1

Please be safe #4!

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