Gadfly in the news, not reporting it

Julia F. Swan, “‘Bethlehem Gadfly’ discusses his role.” Bethlehem Press, May 11, 2020.

Tip o’ the hat to Julia Swan for the nice article on Gadfly’s talk at the Lower Saucon Township Historical Society March 2.

Tip o’ the hat also to Karen Samuels and Ilhan Citak for inviting me.

And doffing that hat as well to followers Barbara Diamond, Steve Diamond, and Bill Scheirer for attending.

Gadfly planned to record this talk about the nature of gadflying and use it for recruiting purposes. Bethlehem has gadflies extraordinaire in the likes of Antalics and Scheirer. And this gadfly’s contract is up after the 2021 primary election a year from now, when, in effect, we choose the next mayor.

So we need to plan gadfly succession.

A sure sign of that is that this aging gadfly forgot to turn on his recorder at the meeting. Therefore no recruiting tool. Damnation. Sigh.

Back to the drawing board.

For every community needs gadflies.

The “photo” always raises questions. That’s Gadfly’s avatar “Edward Scholarhands” from his days exploring the pedagogical possibilities of virtual reality.

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