Resident chatter around Gadfly’s water cooler about food delivery during the pandemic

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The food service delivery resolution
Councilman Reynolds’ resolution rationale
Do you use companies like GrubHub and UberEats?
Help our local small business food places

What followers are saying to Gadfly:

  • My question is, why are these businesses doing business with Grubhub and UberEats?
  • Just say no to using these services.
  • Sometimes people want it every which way they can get it, until all of a sudden it’s not working to their benefit.
  • Eliminate the middle-man, call the business directly, and pay less!
  • I’m scratching my head over the perceived need for city hall to even become involved in this.
  • I sympathize with their plight. I’m just not there with local government involvement. This is a state and possibly federal issue in my opinion.
  • The more appropriate response is market the hell out of pick-up or self delivery where available.
  • Why don’t restaurants simply deliver their own meals to break the stranglehold GrubHub etc has on them.
  • Another option is the DBA engages a local company to do that for all its restaurants.

As Gadfly understood it, Councilman Reynolds was asking city, state, and national government to investigate the situation; he was not necessarily endorsing involvement. His main purpose was educating us, who could take direct, immediate action.

One thought on “Resident chatter around Gadfly’s water cooler about food delivery during the pandemic

  1. The difficulty is when it becomes too costly for a business to successfully compete as a beginning business. Think railroads, airlines, and automobiles.

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