Remember the pandemic with a “porchtrait” in exchange for a small charitable donation

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Lauren Stoy is a local artist, maker, and business owner. She runs a small metalsmith and styling operation, and has newly set out to add the photography skill set to her services.


We have all been experiencing so much hardship during this COVID-19 pandemic. From losing jobs to closing down businesses, the weight of this pandemic is lost on no one.

Rwanda has been especially affected. Just like us here in the US, businesses, schools, and churches have been closed: “This crisis is already impacting Rwandan families in difficult ways. Because many parents in Rwanda’s poorer communities receive their income through temporary labor, the economic slowdown resulting from this virus means many families will have limited or no income coming in. And with schools closed, families now have more mouths to feed during the day—and little to feed them. It is a dire situation for many.” (quote from Africa New Life’s Instagram)

As many of you know, I had the opportunity to travel to Rwanda last year, and I fell in love. This country has become dear to me. My 29th birthday is at the end of the month, and for my birthday I’m am asking you to partner with me to raise $1,500 by May 24. A donation of just $15 is enough to feed a family in one of the communities Africa New Life serves for two weeks. Every little bit helps.


As an added incentive for anyone who lives in the Bethlehem area, for a minimum Lowcher 3donation of just $15, I will come take your “Porchtrait” (or deck, or front stoop, or just portrait from a safe, socially acceptable distance! There will be no contact, safety measures will be taken). Just $15 will feed a Rwandan family for two weeks AND get you up to five edited photographs.

Thank you for your support! Here’s information about Africa New Life.

Feel free to reach out with questions at Thank you!


There are plenty of worthy causes to which to donate in our city, county, and country, but donating outside our boundaries recognizes our awareness of the global grip of the pandemic and needs of people with less capacity to cope than we have. And Gadfly is really intrigued by the offer of a “porchtrait.” What a great idea! This historic moment has to be documented in all our family archives. A this-is-what-we-looked-like-during-the-Great-Pandemic picture. Usually fairly neatly bearded Gadfly is unrecognizable.

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