Help our local small business food places, avoid the 3rd party delivery apps

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Resolution Urging The City of Bethlehem, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and the United States Congress to Investigate and Address Business Practices of Online Food Service Delivery Applications that Threaten the Economic Health and Survival of Independently Owned Local Restaurants and the Livelihood of Their Workers During the COVID-19 Crisis.
Councilman Reynolds, May 5, 2020

Councilman Reynolds’ resolution rationale
video of Council discussion (begin min. 1:10:55)
audio of Council discussion:


Councilman Reynolds, hearing complaints from small business owners, researched the issue described in our previous post.

He found that cities were doing two things: Reynolds 3

  • short-term executive decisions to control fees charged by the 3rd party delivery companies
  • longer-term steps to license such operations

The short-term steps seem impractical because they end up in litigation. Legislation to license the process might take time.

The purpose of the resolution was to ask the City to investigate solutions, but, importantly, for now Councilman Reynolds saw the purpose in raising the issue as educating us, the users, the consumers about a problem endangering small businesses in the City.

And basically to suggest that to protect these small businesses that we immediately use their curbside services or their home-delivery services where available.

A tip o’ the hat to Councilman Reynolds.

President Waldron and Councilman Callahan added valuably to the conversation.

We should consider ourselves so advised and not wait for the machinations of city government to solve the problem for us.

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  1. Excellent idea and offers an immediate solution to avoid price gouging from inflated fees.

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