Coroneal report at Council last night

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Mayor Donchez (video min. 18:00):

  • 577 coronavirus cases/19 deaths
  • all city workers have masks
  • supply chain for city supplies good
  • 1 worker tested positive, now back to work (how good is that!)
  • almost everything functioning at 100%
  • yard waste open
  • recycling closed
  • Memorial Pool construction begun again
  • Golf course open and busy
  • decision of pool openings coming soon, waiting on guidelines from governor
  • tax extensions as announced before
  • Wind Creek kicking in $$$$
  • BPA back in normal operation, 18 furloughed workers
  • arrangements for housing homeless, 1 positive case
  • Small Business Relief Fund: $300,000 (150 awards of $2000), 188 applicants, chance of supplemental funds

Business Administrator Evans (video min. 23:12):

  • Income:
  • Real Estate Tax, Earned Income Tax, Casino = 62% of  budget
  • Fairly good shape there, though EIT will lag
  • very tentative = $4.5m loss of revenue
  • Expenses:
  • thorough review (detailed by Mr. Evans) = approx $1.6m reduction
  • Deficit:
  • $4.5m loss of income minus $1.6m cut in expenses = possible deficit c. $3m
  • How handle the deficit:
  • freeze 2021 budgets, ask depts. to cut 5-10%, give each dept. a $$$ amount

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