Bethlehem City Council meeting tonight, Tuesday, May 5

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Note new process for public comment!

Our next City Council meeting — the “face” of Bethlehem City government — occurs tonight Tuesday, May 5 at 7PM.

The meeting is closed to the public, of course, because of the coronavirus.

The meeting can be viewed LIVE or later at your convenience on the City’s website after the meeting at

The YouTube channel for live or archive viewing is “City of Bethlehem Council.”

Note well: there is a new process for public comment. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity offered.

Find the Council agenda and supporting documents here.

Gadfly assumes we’ll be brought up to date on the coronavirus situation.

Councilman Reynolds will introduce the following resolution: “Attached is a proposed resolution urging the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the United States Congress to investigate the business practices of food delivery apps that threaten the economic survival of independently owned local restaurants and food service establishments during the COVID-19 crisis. The resolution also encourages the Mayor and his Administration to investigate food delivery app business practices in the City of Bethlehem.”

Councilman Reynolds will also report on the Communication Survey done last year. See reports here. You might want to look at the executive summary — perhaps the most interesting finding is the digital divide in the City.

And there’s always the unexpected.

As long as he has flutter in his wings, Gadfly urges “attending” City Council.

Participate. Be informed.

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