An invitation to local artists

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Life has kind of slowed down for the Gadfly in the coronavirus days.

None of the usual City Hall intrigues to cover.

No meetings to attend. (He misses the Parking Authority get-togethers. Sigh.)

Sometimes not much to do but watch his beard spread almost as fast as the virus.

But empty space has given him time to think.

He would like to do more to cover, to support, to promote, to publish the arts in Bethlehem.

Not the so-called big stuff — you know, ArtsQuest and all that. They are well taken care of.

But the “local arts,” the “resident arts community” — the home-grown!

Of which there is a substantial amount.

And which ever needs nourishing.

This was always part of the original conception of the Gadfly blog in the notion of “local color” pieces (a term borrowed from an American 19th century literary movement: works written in a region, about a region, that are recognizably regional, that, in effect, could be written nowhere else).

From the Gadfly About page: Local Color: original creative work with recognizably local Bethlehem subjects or connections — art, poems, mini-essays, vignettes, photographs, songs — that help us see or think about our town and townspeople in interesting ways.

Creative work by Bethlehem artists and, especially, about Bethlehem itself.

Followers know Gadfly’s orgasmic coverage of the Touchstone Festival and the H. D. celebration.

And you’ve watched him poach Dana Grubb’s treasures and gratefully receive Ron Yoshida’s perambulating perceptions.

But Gadfly would like to take this opportunity to beat the drum more forcefully.

Gadfly would like to publish original work of various sorts.

Gadfly would also like to publish pieces about resident art.

He’s not thinking so much as announcements of events — Facebook is good for that — though he will do so.

He’s thinking more of blog-length pieces that help us understand the art and artists and analyses or reviews of works or events. Thought-pieces.

Some followers are connected to the local resident arts community — please pass the word!

Some of you — perhaps with a bit more time on your hands these days — have something you would shyly and secretly want to share — Gadfly can offer the opportunity for a first-time publication.

Gadfly himself has put some things out there (for instance, “First day of school” and “The Downsizing Decision (nearing 80)”) and survived!

(Hmm, Gadfly rather likes his line “where excuses mate, and even the dust has weight” in the poem.)

So please let the word go forth that Gadfly invites creative work and posts about creative work!

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