A plug for the Bethlehem Press, a plug for a press in Bethlehem

We need a local newspaper.

I was just very impressed by the amount of data about local events affected by the virus in yesterday’s BP issue.

I have remarked appreciatively in these pages several times about the community feel in the BP.

Gadfly loves community.

Sure, the paper doesn’t have some of the things we might want.

Like how about a weekly analysis of a city-related issue by a serious columnist who takes the city as his/her beat.

But the paper probably doesn’t have the resources for that.

Yet it might have if more people subscribed, he says perhaps naively.

Gadfly thinks everybody should subscribe to the BP.

Frankly, there’s usually very little in the Morning Call that I don’t already know when I take it to the bathroom with me in the morning.

Though I have found it good lately for local virus info.

Frankly again, people compliment the Gadfly for providing a bit more depth or breadth about city activities.

So I think there’s an appetite for more.

I’m old-fashioned, I know, I know.

Facebook and Twitter just don’t do it for me in terms of what I want/need to know about local affairs.

Give me a good local newspaper.

Buck the trail of newspaper death rattles.

Subscribe to the BP and make your wishes known.

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