Resources for local coronavirus information

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Pennsylvania Plan for Phased Re-Opening
short version

Process to Reopen Pennsylvania
long version

County of Northampton COVID-19 Information Dashboard

Bethlehem Health Bureau Coronavirus Page
click especially “City of Bethlehem COVID-19 Data”

Covid-19 Dashboard for City of Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley 

Where coronavirus is in Pennsylvania
county and zip code

Gadfly trying to get a grip on all we need to get a grip on.

Trying to get it all in one spot for easy reference.

Above are links to several web sites with important information as well as numbers, statistics, graphs.

These sites are regularly updated.

So we should refer regularly to such sites for current information.

Let Gadfly know about additions to this list.

Now Gadfly knows 9 uses of the comma but not much about numbers, statistics, and graphs.

What do you see? What should we be keying on? What should we be thinking about?

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