What do the nursing home numbers show?

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Tip o’ the hat to Bernie O’Hare for source information.

In asking if we should be looking more closely into conditions in nursing homes and senior care facilities, Gadfly does not mean to suspect wrongdoing.

Neither does Maddow.

Neither does Gov. Cuomo, whom I just heard speak on this issue at his daily press briefing.

There may be some problem sites, but the basic situation now is that all such facilities are not prepared for a pandemic.

And they need help.

There should be no “blame game” going on.

The reason for looking into conditions is to see what help they need.

For this is our most vulnerable population, and “deaths are waiting to happen.”

There may be no serious problems now, but it will pay to be prepared.

Northampton County is tracking COVID-19 at all county nursing homes here.

On the menu under the top graph, click on “Nursing Home Data”:

  • 295 cases among residents
  • 71 cases among employees
  • 23 deaths
  • 23 deaths is 8% of the resident cases
  • 23 deaths is 6% of total number of deaths in nursing homes

Look at the box for “COVID-19 related deaths” on the bottom right.

45 total deaths in Northampton County.

23 deaths in nursing homes = 50% of total number of deaths in Northampton County.

Just as Maddow said.

Which means aid to nursing homes should be an articulated high priority.

Is the City doing enough by what sounded like in the press conferences as simply acting as liaison and kind of handing off to a consulting firm provided by the state?

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