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City Council held a successful meeting last night under pandemic conditions.

President Waldron, Councilman Callahan, and Mayor Donchez were in Town Hall.

The other Councilpersons participated virtually.

There was only one public commenter by phone — Lynn Rothman calling from out of state, no less! — but I think we got a sense that the commenting process can work.

Regarding the coronavirus: the Mayor reported, as well as Kristen Wenrich and Bob Novatnack — which was good. Through their questions and comments, Council members were able to draw out additional information than that provided in the City press conferences.

The video is available here.

Give Gadfly a little time, and he will break out some parts of the meeting and provide audio as well as time marks on the video for easy reference.

Tip o’ the hat to the IT production staff at the city!

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