This ‘n That

1) Coronavirus and the Hispanic Community:

Gadfly has pointed out the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on the Hispanic Community, 30% of our population but 45% of the cases tested positive.

Now is a good time to help by donating to the Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley, 520 E. 4th St.

2) Fig:

Several followers lately have put Gadfly on to Fig Bethlehem. The latest issue just came out. Is Gadfly always the last to know?


3) National Poetry Month at BAPL:

Open to All Ages
During the month of April, we are inviting the community to submit a favorite poem to be shared online through BAPL. Poems can be submitted in Video, Audio, or Text form and entrees will be reviewed before being put online. Our goal is to give patrons the opportunity to share their favorite poems among the community during the month with feedback and engagement. This program is open to all ages! We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Patrons should submit their poems to Matt at
  • Poems should be written by somebody other than the submitter
  • Patrons should be aware that submitting a poem allows BAPL to use their video/audio/text on their online sites and social media.

4) Martin Tower:

A follower observed that about a year ago  we (well, some of us) were worried about the potential health hazard from the demolition of Martin Tower. And look at our worries now. MT is bush league in comparison.

But about the same time another follower passed on these links that made those MT worries come alive again:

Then, rumors of work activity now at the MT site have reached Gadfly. Has anyone noticed? If so, do you suppose they got an exemption from the shut-down order? But Gadfly doubts the rumors. After all, the Mayor mentioned MT as work delayed in the April 17 press conference. Still, pass on your observations.

5) Matt Wolf poetry reading via BAPL:

Wednesday April 22, local Lehigh Valley poet (and BAPL’s own) Matt Wolf will read from his BAPL Books collection, A JOURNEY–and more!–online, via Zoom and Facebook Live. Stream from anywhere. A Q&A will follow.
Poet Matt Wolf Reads LIVE
Weds April 22, 2020
7:30 pm EST

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