City Council meeting tonight, pandemic style

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Yes, indeedy, City Council meeting tonight, 7PM, on the usual bat-channel.

See yesterday’s post here for all the technical details for this pandemic-era gathering.

Public comment feels like it could be an awkward scramble. Looks like calls aren’t put in a queue. Looks like you have to keep dialing in till you get an opening. Once again, Gadfly suggests that people who have urgent matters to communicate play it safe and send an email to Council members via the city clerk for distribution well before the meeting: Also, you can find the links to individual Council emails here:

Therefore, this is probably not a time for comments that can be put off. Let’s give the system a chance to work out any bugs.

Gadfly probably will forego his yakety-yak and simply take time here to say, “Fight the good fight, my extended family” to any Council members and City Administrators who may be listening.

But Gadfly strongly suggests that we all at least watch the proceedings.

Gadfly is fond of saying that these meetings are the public face of our city government.

This is a time of emergency, of crisis.

It’s easy to govern when times are good. Now is the time when we see the mettle of those we elected and those they appointed.

We hope the Mayor’s report will be a bit elongated tonight, even though there was the press conference on Friday.

We need Council members to be asking the right questions on our behalf.

Eventually some budget decisions will have to be made — maybe tough choices.

So now is the time for wise elected officials, now the time for good communication, now the time for them to know that we are watching, are concerned, and are contributing our ideas.

Remember that a main goal of the Gadfly project is for you to know your elected officials so that you vote in the most informed way possible.

Some members of Council may be running for higher office soon. We need to be watching.

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