Thoughts of the end

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Gadfly is in charge of the family larder.

Taking a census the other day, his mind went to a doom’s-day scenario.

What if the food supply chain were cut off during this national emergency and you had to eat down what was in the family larder?

What would you put off eating to the bitter end?

What would you eat last, only as the meal of last resort?

There’s family lore that there’s a box of decades-long passed over pumpkin pie mix somewhere in the dark, cobwebbed posterior regions of our pantryspace.

I am pleased to say I found no such thing. Urban legend.

What I did find way back there where the sun don’t shine, where orphaned comestibles go to die, was a can of kidney beans, a can of tuna, and a can of beets.

A desperado’s delight.

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