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Have you digested the info coming out from the City this morning yet?

What do you feel you need more info on?

There are two rather major points Gadfly would like to see elaborated.

Nursing homes/senior facilities:

As you know, Gadfly’s been following Rachel Maddow’s hard-hitting emphasis on the need to focus on these institutions that are producing so many cases and present such a focused problem.

She had another powerful program on this subject last night (focus on mins. 3:30 – 22:00). I mean powerful.

Scroll down on this page and see that the state of Pennsylvania is now (see news story here) breaking out statistics for “Cases Associated with Nursing Homes and Personal Care Homes.”

Director Wenrich said we have outbreaks in 3 long-term care facilities. Gadfly wonders which ones and how bad. Director Wenrich said further: “The Department of Health has hired a consulting firm to assist long-term care facilities with infection control practices, so we are currently working with our long-term care facilities in Bethlehem to connect them with this very important resource so that they can decrease the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.”

These facilities are bombs waiting to go off. Once started, the spread will occur like wildfire, as they say.

Frankly, this statement does not seem strong enough to Gadfly. It does not say that these connections have been established. And it feels like the City should be more actively monitoring the connection. The inference in the statement, as Gadfly reads it, which may be mistaken, is that the situation will be left to the relationship between the facility and the consulting firm. The statement, as stated, feels too hands-off to me. The consulting firm will provide no oversight. Somebody has to provide oversight. Gadfly has been Maddow’d on this subject. And the Gallagher family may be close to needing such a facility.

The ethnic situation:

Hispanics are 30% of the population yet have 45% of the cases. Director Wenrich has said that education is being provided to the Latino community. Gadfly would like to hear more about that. Gadfly would like more specifics. He was much moved by Councilwoman Negron’s post here recently and would like to be informed and assured about the way the City is responding to minority populations.

Gadfly very much appreciates this communication coming out of the City, but this format does not allow for follow-up, which, in all likelihood, could have answered Gadfly’s questions and concerns here.

What are you thinking?

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