Highland Park identified

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Roy W. Schreffler owns a cemetery.


I am pretty certain the Highland Park area at that time [of the Spanish Flu], is in West Allentown. You get there today by going on RT22 West, get off at 15th St., head south, you will pass through the Highland Cemetery on your way, corner of 15th & Roth.

Go here to download this map of Allentown from 1901, it’s a large file, so wait for it to download,

You can see in the upper left corner, where 15th st. starts, they show a Trolley track. I show it below, and the red arrows show the route.

Not shown on this map would be this Highland area, likely a development area slated for future growth, far away from the Flu.

Now imagine getting on a trolley at 15th, follow it for 8mins to 8th & Hamilton, then head 14 more mins East to South Bethlehem.

The trolley crosses the Lehigh River on the little bridge in the map image, then along what is now Hanover Ave, past Central Park in Rittersville, then on to South Bethlehem.

This to me makes the most sense about the location of Highland Park.

Roy Allentown


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