Nooo short-term rentals allowed

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PRESS RELEASE: April 3, 2020

Mayor Bob Donchez announced today that Short Term Residential Rental facilities should cease operations immediately, in accordance with Governor Wolf’s order to close all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania.

In order to protect and promote the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Bethlehem and the State of Pennsylvania, the City of Bethlehem will be actively enforcing the Governor’s Order against owners and operators of these facilities effective immediately. Owners and operators are subject to immediate closure and/or criminal penalties for operating while the Governor’s ban is in place.

If you are aware of any Short Term Residential Rental facilities operating within the City of Bethlehem, please contact the Housing and Code Enforcement Office at 610-865-7091.

Please monitor the City’s website at and social media for additional information regarding City facilities, public meetings and updates on COVID-19.

There are those among Gadfly followers who will find it ironic that STR is being regulated now!

One thought on “Nooo short-term rentals allowed

  1. Gadfly, It’s amazing what it sometimes takes to get ordinances that are already law enforced. Dana


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