Will City Council meet Tuesday?

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Interesting question.

The City has shut down all meetings.

But that notice didn’t include City Council.

The answer to my past wondering about whether the March 17 City Council meeting would be held seemed to be that it would be held because it was under legal obligation to do so. (Gadfly hasn’t been able to find the code citation on this — anybody?)

You might remember that the members socially distanced themselves around Town Hall, but the meeting lacked a quorum so that no official business could be done.

One wonders further whether the legal obligation to meet holds during a national emergency.

In any event, Friday is the day we usually get the agenda for the Tuesday meeting, so Gadfly expects that we will know soon one way or ‘tother.

But Gadfly went to “church” last Sunday online, the EAC met last night online, First Friday will happen online — raises the interesting question whether City Council could meet online.

The Sunshine Act allows councilmembers to participate via video conferencing.

It’s only a step from that to having all members participate via video conferencing — wheeee!

The problem is required public participation.

But there are the conferencing programs like Zoom and GoToMeeting such as Gadfly participated in recently.

Would be exciting to push the envelope a bit and explore such possibilities for City Council.

Though Gadfly would never want to give up “being there”!

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