After this is over: the wage equality ordinance

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Gadfly’s “vision” has been radically restricted lately.

Restricted to immediate needs: how to get food, how to get toilet paper, how to manage till the latest “all clear” forecast by the media punditry.

He feels like he’s always looking at his feet.

“It feels like our life is on hold,” as a follower just wrote him.

But Gadfly is going to try to keep some focus on what to do “after this is over.”

In fact, he has written to some of you about one specific project.

What does Gadfly want to do after this is over?

Get a haircut.

He was part of that little recognized “generation” of teens in the 1950s who believed that the key to getting dates was good hair, along with the sweet ’49 Mercury James Dean drove in Rebel without a Cause.

Mercury 1

And he’s gotten a haircut every two weeks since.

Another thing that Gadfly looks forward to after this is over is resumption of discussion of Councilman Callahan’s wage equality ordinance.

Wage Equality Memo (1)

Watching this commercial this morning has Gadfly looking eagerly forward to the resolution of the needless gnarls in the discussion that preceded our virus-break and the enactment of a very valuable ordinance.

Let’s get it done!

You may have noticed that Gadfly is of an age in which he easily, unconsciously, gratuitously slips into the past.

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