St. Michael’s is bloomin’!

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The sun is peeking out as I post — how about a hike to the Mike!

From Kim Carrell-Smith:

Hi again Gadfly:

St. Michael’s Cemetery [Southside: 4th and Hayes] is in bloom once more! Thanks to Rosemary and Bill Buffington — two Bethlehem-to-Florida transplants who bought and Mike 7sought donations of daffodil bulbs —  thousands of bulbs were planted three or so years ago. They gathered volunteers who did some of the work one brisk Saturday, but Rosemary and Bill planted over 2,000 themselves in frigid fall weather. The result is wonderful!  Of course not all of the originals survive, but there is a wonderful sprinkling of them all over the cemetery.

St. Michael’s is a great place for a walk, especially now when we are stuck indoors so much. The daffodils should be blooming for at least another week.

But at any season the view from St. M is terrific.

If folks want to do a good deed while walking, they could take a bag with them and collect litter . . . just saying . . .


Southside trivia expert needed: why is St. Michael’s cemetery St. Michael’s — that wasn’t the name of the church on the corner, was it?

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