The times they are a’changin

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Though already an old dawg in the 1995-2005 period, Gadfly explored the new emerging EdwardScholarhandseducational technologies and incorporated them into his courses. He was an “early adopter.” An IT colleague once said, “There wasn’t a tool he didn’t like.” Well, at least there wasn’t a new technology he wouldn’t try. He even explored virtual words, where his avatar was “Edward Scholarhands,” and, because he had Jesuit training, he stayed up late worrying about what his avatar did when he wasn’t “there.”

So, with two decades of online teaching under his belt when he retired, Gadfly enjoyed the scramble to master it that many of his colleagues underwent recently when the virus closed down face-to-face classrooms. So well epitomized in this clever song.

One wonders how some of the changes precipitated by the virus will affect the long-term nature of academic life.

But look at the changes happening right now in the domestic world around us:

  • The Lehigh Valley Monthly Meeting (Quakers) had a test run this morning for a virtual gathering tomorrow on Zoom.
  • I heard the Bethlehem Food Co-Op was going to Zoom a Board meeting too.
  • The BAPL is encouraging us to utilize their substantial online resources.
  • The Gadflys have now had two virtual doctor visits and very efficient and effective they were.
  • The Gadflys have their groceries delivered (PeaPod), which is a real boon — This Gadfly can never find anything in a real grocery store and has always envisioned starting a grocery business for men (only men need this) where the goods are in alphabetical order.

What are you seeing? How is your life changing?

Gadfly, trying not to look dumb, is pretending he knows what Zoom is.


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