Calling all mask-makers!

From Kim Carrell-Smith:

Greetings fellow quarantino,

Just wanted to share a good deed that Gadfly followers, friends, and relations might be able to do from home, if they have some idle time. St. Luke’s and LVHN have put out a call for protective masks, and I think that some of the great people who are cashiering our groceries, handing out food at schools or food banks to children and families, or doing any other essential things to keep our community functioning might appreciate the gift of a mask.
Here are two resources:
1) The Facebook group Masks for the Lehigh Valley has a LOT of info about how to make masks, how to cut fabric, where to donate.
2) St Luke’s has provided a pdf (linked below) that explains what they want and gives how-tos for cutting and sewing them. Drop-off sites are listed at  –for masks, fabric, and cut pieces (using specs in pdf) are listed in the blog link above

Things to consider:
  1. ALWAYS FIND OUT what a place/group/individual might need before you leap in. That’s why the Facebook group is particularly helpful. But I’m happy to help you get questions answered if you aren’t a Facebook user
  2. If you give a mask to someone, please give it with instructions about how to wash it, and emphasize that they need to do that after every use. These are not foolproof, so you still shouldn’t touch your face, mask etc. and should wash hands frequently.
  3. Please don’t use elastic because of latex allergies (very common)
  4. Think about different folks you may be serving. Kids may be scared of masks so fun fabrics could make them less scary.
  5. You can donate fabric and other supplies if you can’t sew- St Luke’s has asked for it, and I think the Facebook group would be happy to take it, too.
  6. You can cut fabric if you can’t sew; check with the Facebook group or St Luke’s
Good “how to” videos here and here.
Thanks for sharing this opportunity to do good while staying home!
In quarantined solidarity,

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