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March 17, City Council meeting

Gadfly didn’t go to last night’s City Council meeting, but like a couple dozen others he watched on the livestream.

It was a good meeting.

Gadfly has made a “modest proposal” or two along the way about city administrators appearing and reporting at City Council meetings on a staggered schedule so that we could get to know them better.

It’s nice to have a face and a voice to go along with the name of who’s responsible for providing city services. It helps establish trust.

Last night we got to know better two key administrators dealing with the coronavirus emergency: Kristin Wenrich and Bob Novatnack.

They were impressive.

Gadfly suggests you access the archived video of the meeting linked above to hear their reports as well as the good questions from Council members.

And, of course, note the City coronavirus web site page and several pertinent Facebook posts relevant to accommodations relevant to the virus.

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  1. IMO, Kristin Wenrich and Bob Novatnack are 2 of the most sensible people there.

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