Center St. and Linden St.: both hazardous and divisive

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Bill Scheirer is an economist who grew up in Bethlehem, spent 40 years in DC, and retired here in 2003. He is a life member of the Committee of 100 on the Federal City and was on the Mayor’s Task Force for the City of Bethlehem Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Zoning Map.


It’s hard to find fault with the article in the Morning Call by Bethlehem Councilman J. William Reynolds on the North Side.

It’s nice that a priority is converting Linden Street between Church Street and Fairview Street back to a two-way street.

It would be even nicer if Center Street between Church Street and Elizabeth Avenue were similarly converted.

Center Street is the bigger problem, especially when cars jockey for position as they approach the single lane north of Elizabeth Avenue. NASCAR does not belong in an urban neighborhood. The city-wide accident statistics I have seen bear this out.

These two streets are not only among the most hazardous in the city, they serve to divide the North Side into distinct and separate neighborhoods.


2 thoughts on “Center St. and Linden St.: both hazardous and divisive

  1. I haven’t seen accident reports showing that Center & Linden are among the most dangerous streets in the city — are they accessible somewhere?

    While converting to two-way streets may well be the right thing to do, it’s important to note that it probably will make things worse for pedestrians or bicyclists. It might also require additional traffic signals and/or extended crossing times, thus slowing automobile traffic as well.

  2. Basically you’re asking for Center and Linden to be 2-way streets their entire lengths. Why not just say so? I agree.

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