The City, the Council, and Coronavirus

Gadfly wonders if canceling Tuesday’s City Council meeting was under consideration.

He wonders if closing it to spectators but having it available on tv for live viewing is permissible under Sunshine Laws.

The public attendance is usually small, of course, so maybe no need to consider canceling or restricting.

People like Gadfly whose circumstances dictate caution can make their personal wise choices.

But there are a couple fairly “hot” things on the agenda that might well stir significant public comment.

That might cause a dilemma for those interested residents.

Could these agenda items be postponed?

The City’s been active in communicating info about the virus:

But, since the City Council meeting is the “face” of City Government for residents, Gadfly wonders if the Health Director might be there to report and answer Council questions.

I just had occasion to greet a guy on my front porch whom I had not met before. His hands were deep in his pockets.

Sign of the times.

2 thoughts on “The City, the Council, and Coronavirus

  1. IMO, it would not be legal to have a meeting that excludes the public. It’s just not about people’s right to see what the council does, but to comment before any action is taken.

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