Gadfly starting to exercise caution

Corona 1

Gadfly gets much of the stimulus for his posts from being out and about, personally at meetings, and taking notes and recording what’s going on.

Gadfly himself is in reasonably good shape, but Mrs. Gadfly is one of those vulnerable, health-compromised folk who are at higher risk for contracting the virus and experiencing harsher consequences.

Thus, you may see less of Gadfly for a while till things settle down, lest a virus interfere with his care-giving or he carries the virus to her.

For instance, he didn’t attend follower Ron’s talk at First Pres that he so much wanted to hear.

And he may end up watching Council on tv with a beverage in hand rather than his camera.

So let me invite less-at-risk followers to pitch in, take up slack, by initiating posts, and recording (audio/video) meetings and events he doesn’t get to.

Gadfly had always hoped that followers would kind of take over the space and The Bethlehem Gadfly would live forever.

Now would be a good time for people to try on their wings.

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