Primary season 2020: but thinking about 2021

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Monthly meeting of the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee tonight.

About the primary.

Got me thinking about the primary.

Not the 2020 primary. But the 2021 primary.

Gadfly thinks 4 current City Council members will be on ballot in 2021: Callahan, Negron, Crampsie Smith, Waldron.

But the big enchilada is the mayoral election.

Councilman Callahan has had occasion twice in recent months during City Council meetings to remind us that Mayor Donchez won’t be in office when certain things come to fruition — and that we don’t know who will be.

Now Mayor Donchez is only in the 7th inning — lots of time to do good left. So it’s too early to render him invisible.

But with about a year left before candidates have to file for the primary, you have to believe that some people are thinking about running for mayor. And maybe more than thinking. Planning. Organizing. Fundraising.

Gadfly doesn’t have his ear to every ground, but it’s been said that Councilmen Reynolds and Callahan may run for mayor, maybe even Councilwoman Negron.

That thought reminded me that I had not looked at the Council financial disclosures for a while. Did you ever do that? Go here.

Some interesting things to see there. Take a look. Agree?

Gadfly was pleased to support everybody in last year’s Councilperson-ic primary and plans to do so again. Was fun. Gadfly wants to help people be informed voters. He’s in the business of providing information. And he thinks that all the coverage as well as the candidate participation in the Gadfly 8-week mini-essay series during last year’s primary was helpful in that respect.

But Gadfly really looks forward to the mayoral race next time. He hopes it is competitive. More on that later.

The May 2021 primary will be special because we will obviously want to select a great mayor. But it will be extra-special for Gadfly because he thinks it will mark the climax of his project. A good time to fold his wings.

So while there are most likely people right now thinking about entering the 2021 primary for mayor, he hopes that some people also might be thinking of donning the gadfly wings.

Every town needs a gadfly.

And he hopes that followers will be paying attention to the Council dynamics he lays out for you.

For one or more Council members may be running for mayor sooner or later.

Which brings Gadfly back to the wage equality meeting on the proposed ordinance.

Heading there again in next post.

One thought on “Primary season 2020: but thinking about 2021

  1. Councilwoman Negron WILL NOT RUN for MAYOR! Not now, not EVER! ☺

    Councilwoman Olga Negrón
    Community Liaison
    HGSK Law Firm
    1136 Hamilton St. Suite 101
    Allentown, PA 18101
    Hispanic Center
    520 E 4th St.
    Bethlehem, PA 18015
    Bethlehem Office


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