Why was Gadfly thinking of Martin Tower?

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Why did Gadfly send you that silly picture of the Martin Tower site on Sunday?

It was such a nice weekend. Sunny. Spring-like. 090

And as he drove along the site, he suddenly “saw” it as if as new.

It looked so different. It’s fairly nearly cleared now. Have you noticed?

Feels like it’s nearing time for construction to begin.

But does the final project design come before the public again, or have all the final approvals been given?

All of Gadfly’s questions about the site flew back like birds returning north.

  • Are we really going to have 500+ apartments there?
  • Will they be less cookie-cutter looking than the renderings we saw?
  • Will any be “affordable” like the memorable old guy asked at the very tail end of the Nitschmann public meeting?
  • Will the whole area be imperviously paved?
  • Will we get sidewalks along Schoenersville to the Monocacy so there’s a walkable connection from there to North Bethlehem?
  • Will there be a crosswalk or other traffic calming at the foot of the Schoenersville hill?
  • Will there be a recreation trail/path access to Burnside and the trail along the Monocacy?
  • Will there be better pedestrian/bike access to the youth recreation areas along Schoenersville up to Illick’s Mill?
  • Will there be better pedestrian/bike access to Westgate Mall?
  • Will there really be a gas station down by 378?

Sorry if Gadfly is scratching an old sore.

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