Only a fine? Something missing

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 John Rothschild is a family law attorney residing in Bethlehem who graduated from Lehigh.

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If there is only a fine, and it requires the aggrieved individual to pay for and initiate the prosecution, something seems missing.

Does the aggrieved person receive compensation in addition to the fine, attorney fees, and court costs? If the “aggrieved” person does not win, do they pay court costs and attorney fees?


One thought on “Only a fine? Something missing

  1. From Councilwoman Olga Negron:

    Good question Attn. Rothschild. I asked that to Attn. Spirk during our meeting and he said he would research it and will get back to us. I will not be able to support the ordinance without including such, otherwise it will defeat the purpose of the ordinance. Just like Peter Crownfield said “Legislation that is not coupled with meaningful implementation is generally ineffective and tends to be discriminatory in that some people are better able to have it enforced the others.” We don’t need another one in our books.

    Councilwoman Olga Negrón


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