Gadfly on gadflying

Whew, late Friday afternoon already? Where did that week go?

Not much original content from the Gadfly this week.

But not because the Gadfly followed Mrs. Gadfly’s suggestion to give up posting for Lent. (I think there was an “or else” tacked on there, but that might have been our 12 year-old clothes dryer signaling to be put out of its misery.)

Usual home stuff taking time. But also it’s Confirmation season. And school basketball playoff time (Grandkin’s St. Basil’s-Phoenixville team victorious). (A random family post-game video shows Gadfly swishing one from the foul line then bricking two 3-pointers. It will not go into the family archive.) Then there’s the time needed to worry about what effect coronavirus might have on physically weak seniors Gadfly knows and their retirement funds. Then time devoted to two wonderful extracurricular Bethlehem projects that Gadfly’s become involved in as a result of meeting two wonderful Bethlehem people while gadflying.


And it’s not like nothing was happening this week. Several noteworthy occurrences. Most especially, Gadfly got slapped upside the head. Something he always said he expected to happen and was willing to suffer for his ignorance. It happened. Ouch. I bet you can’t wait for the Parking Authority audio of Thursday’s meeting to be available. Gadfly will let you know.


But also on my mind and taking some time is preparation for a talk.

Gadfly will be speaking about gadflying at the Lower Saucon Township Historical Society meeting this Monday March 2, 7PM, at Seidersville Hall, 3700 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem.

The Bethlehem Gadfly has been flying for 18 months now, a goodly time, and he was just thinking that it was about time (before his contract is up — more on that later) that he stop and reflect on how and why he started and how things are going.

And right then came the invitation to speak. Thank you Karen and Ilhan.

Perfect timing.

Reflection is good.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

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