The Mayor’s statement on the marijuana arrest

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“Mayor Donchez: Judge Dumbass Allegations are false,” Lehigh Valley Ramblings, February 19, 2020.

Last night at the City Council meeting, the Mayor addressed the dispute between Judge Englesson and Chief DiLusio over the possibility of racially insensitive behavior by an officer during a traffic stop and marijuana arrest that we have looked at in half a dozen or so posts over the past week. The key new point of information the Mayor revealed last night was that there is audio-visual evidence — the Judge had noted the lack of mention of that fact in the Chief’s November 20 letter to Northampton County Court.

I consider it necessary and in the City’s best interest that this statement be made to address recent blog postings of letters of a highly personal and confidential nature. In the letters magistrate District Judge Englesson made allegations of unprofessional and illegal conduct against a City police officer and Chief DiLusio involving a traffic stop and a marijuana possession charge. The allegations have been subject to a thorough internal investigation. This included review of dash camera and body camera, audio-visual evidence of the actual event. The evidence showed that the allegations are false. The Solicitor, the City Solicitor, advises that Pennsylvania laws impose specific constraints which limit further public disclosure by the City at this time. Those constraints also apply to investigatory materials, evidence, and any further review.  Therefore, for the foreseeable future, further comment on this matter will be very limited or declined.


2 thoughts on “The Mayor’s statement on the marijuana arrest

  1. Excuse me, but what allegations are false? Those of the police, the police chief, the Judge, or the civilian?

  2. The mayor’s statement was calmly presented, factual, measured and free of speculation. He made me proud to be a resident of the City of Bethlehem.

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