Gadfly rests: waiting official response to questions surrounding the marijuana arrest

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This post was written yesterday — Sunday, February 16 — and placed in the queue to be automatically published today at 10:00am.  Thus, it was written before Gadfly received the Lehigh Valley Ramblings post on this subject less than an hour ago and remains unchanged.

“The City Administration is well aware of the matter. It has been thoroughly reviewed internally. The matter is the subject of an ongoing non-criminal investigation. We caution you not to speculate as to the nature of the ongoing investigation. We caution you that it would be inappropriate to assume the truth of the allegations. We caution  you that it would be inappropriate to assume there is good cause for the allegations. The City Administration will have no further comment because the information and evidence are subject to confidentiality under Pennsylvania law. The Administration does not consider the matter appropriate to be reviewed  by the Public Safety Committee.”
Email to Gadfly from Mayor Donchez, February 11.

Gadflies are always outsiders. They can only try to make sense of what they can see. They are always cognizant of and respectful of their limited perspective. They are always open to other views, always ready to be slapped upside the head for wrong-headed thinking.

The Mayor says this serious matter has been “thoroughly reviewed internally” and is the subject of “an ongoing non-criminal investigation.”


We would guess that review asked the same questions, covered the same territory that Gadfly has here in the past several posts.

Gadfly wonders, however, if, given the nature of the issues and the people involved, whether an “internal” investigation is the only or best avenue for an objective look at what happened.

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