Closing Packer Ave.: what would be a similar situation on the north side of town?

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I was just talking with one of our retired police captains who thinks Packer Avenue should not be closed. As we were speaking the thought came to me, what would be a similar situation be on the north side of town. What I came up with was closing Goepp Street between Center and New Streets. Goepp isn’t the primary east/west route like Union Boulevard or Broad Street, or Union Boulevard and Elizabeth Avenue, but it provides relief for those roadways. It’s an alternative, which is exactly what Packer Avenue is in an even more densely compacted area. Very few people would support closing that stretch of Goepp Street either. Or, how about Moravian College asking to have Main Street closed from Ettwein Street to Elizabeth Avenue. It would still leave New and Center Streets to handle north/south traffic. I’m sure there are even more parallels. Again, a request for traffic calming measures I understand. Street closure I don’t.

Dana Grubb

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