Key moments in the reappointment discussion (3)

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Gadfly’s been wondering if a different dynamic in the leadership of the
[Parking Authority} Board would be beneficial.

Gadfly 10:30am today

Well, yes.

Interestingly, Councilwoman Crampsie Smith transitioned from her comments on the Parking Authority nominee at the February 4 Council meeting right into the topic of term limits, the possibility thereof as pertinent to this discussion on reappointments.

And there followed a good interchange.

President Waldron said he was open to the conversation on term limits but not ad hoc at this time on individual nominations. He looked forward to conversation about a policy that everybody would be on board with.

The right response.

When the agenda moved to a reappointment on the Fine Arts Commission, President Waldron wondered if term limits would apply there.

A good question. If there were a policy on term limits, would it be a blanket policy? And, on the face of it, that would not seem to make sense.

Councilwoman Van Wirt jumped on that question, indicating that the prime ABC targets for term limits would be those that have the “power of the purse.”

A good response.

So President Waldron closed this thread agreeing and expressing that he was open to such a conversation.

A quick search indicates that the current Parking Authority Board Chair may have been in place since 2008, and one of the current Board members may have served since at least 2006.

to be continued . . .


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