The Judge responds to police concerns over conversation about a marijuana arrest

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Yesterday we posted a November 20, 2019, letter from Bethlehem Police Chief Mark DiLuzio, co-signed by Deputy Chief Scott Meixell, to the Northampton County Court administrator with concern about a November 14 conversation between District Justice Nicholas Englesson and two police officers regarding a traffic stop of an Hispanic male and subsequent marijuana charge, a conversation in which the arresting officer felt he was accused of being racist. Statements by the two officers dated November 15 were posted with the letter.

Judge Englesson replied to the Court in a letter of November 29. In that letter the Judge cites a November 26 phone call from the Court administrator in which he learned that the Bethlehem Police Department “lodged a complaint” alleging that he “accused an unnamed officer of being a racist.”

Judge Englesson’s November 29 letter (with a final section redacted) can be found here:

Englesson to Greene 11 29 19

The Judge describes the events that led him to make a conscious choice to have a conversation with the arresting officer, and he denies accusing the officer of being a racist.

Gadfly hopes you would agree that this is a serious matter. And that you will take the time to read and reflect on both letters.

2 thoughts on “The Judge responds to police concerns over conversation about a marijuana arrest

  1. I appreciate the judges thoughtful and thorough response; often it is difficult for us to see our own behavior clearly and I appreciate someone bringing something to my attention that could be seen in a way that is different than what I intended. The judge did exactly that, as he should have.

  2. It seems like a very serious matter. I know District Judge Englesson and consider him a friend. I expressed initial thoughts in another comment.

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