Councilman appears to show disrespect for residents during public comment time

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While the rest of Council is paying attention to a speaker [resident #1] who is expressing very serious concerns about quality of life and public safety issues in his neighborhood, Mr. Callahan on the extreme right appears to be reviewing his package of Council meeting documents in the meeting. Later, when the Gadfly was speaking to Council, Mr. Callahan’s attention again appeared to be diverted to something in his lap just below the Council table as both hands were moving, apparently texting someone, in complete disrespect once again to a resident’s comments [he is texting in the resident #4 picture]. The Gadfly pointedly suggested that the Council President ensure that all members of City Council pay attention to public speakers, as I recall, since I was in attendance [yes, go to min. 35:45 in the city video].

Dana Grubb

Gadfly chooses Dana’s response to represent a half-dozen similar ones. It was this one council member’s pattern of seeming inattention throughout the public comment time at the February 4 City Council meeting that the Gadfly wanted you to notice in the four pictures presented in previous posts. All Council faces are turned to the speakers except his.

to be continued . . .

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