Gadfly in a meditative mood

Andrew Wagaman, “Morning Call Editor-in-Chief Terry Rang retiring amid larger newsroom reorganization.” January 29, 2020.

  • The Morning Call’s parent company offered buyouts to employees who have worked for Tribune for eight or more years. The Morning Call expects to lose managers from other departments, and additional employees next week.

EJG newsboy

Newsboy Gadfly at age 11.8 years with new bike bought with his earnings
framed by family underwear
(Dana Grubb is shuddering at the layout)

Another nail in the coffin.

Not only of Gadfly’s past.

But of  local news coverage.

Gadfly was just thinking. Approaching his 30th post on the Packer Ave. closing. And reading Kate Laepple’s article in the last post.

Laepple worked the Bethlehem beat for the Morning Call. Award-winning. Indefatigable. Exhaustive.

Where have the Laepple’s gone?

Who will do 30 stories on a subject of local interest any more?

Where is local news coverage going?


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