Lehigh proposes a number of benefits to the closing of Packer Ave.

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Brent Stringfellow, a Lehigh University Vice President

Lehigh believes that there are a “number of benefits” in the closing of this section of Packer Ave.

The closing of this section of Packer Ave. would:

1) Enhance safety:

  • huge crossing point
  • 1000 at peak times
  • bad at dusk

2) Better connect Lehigh with South Bethlehem to have more foot traffic supporting the businesses:

  • use this to better connect Lehigh with the Southside
  • reknitting parts of the north campus with the central core campus (flagpole area)
  • opportunity to shift the center of gravity
  • which is starting to happen with the construction of the new buildings now going on
  • and Lehigh’s renewed focus on activities in Southside Bethlehem
  • traditionally Packer Ave. has been a border line
  • it is still an emotional border
  • looking to put Lehigh closer to the community

3) Improve the pedestrian experience for everyone walking across Packer Avenue:

  • walking and biking not only for the Lehigh community but the Southside community as well
  • nice way to move in the east-west direction
  • push the whole community toward more bike-friendly areas
  • tie in as an endpoint to the upgrading of New St.

to be continued . . .

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